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The HVAC Online Training Course You Need

Become a Highly Knowledgeable and Skilled HVAC Technician


Our Online Training HVAC Course utilizes a combination of multi-view videos, text supplements, and quizzes. This online training course is composed of 11 sections with each section pertaining to HVAC’s core essential skills needed to become an HVAC technician and passing the EPA 608 Exam Certification. You will learn key components of over 20 different tools used in HVAC and detailed information on how to use it, when to use it, and where to use it. Each section is composed of multiple videos and practice quizzes to help you retain the information you learn. Have the ability to come back to the video modules and review specific tools or to get a better understanding of how the air conditioner works.

HVAC Online Training Sections:

  • A/C Basics Online Training
  • Refrigeration Cycle & Systems Online Training
  • Electrical Online Training
  • Motors Online Training
  • Air Distribution Online Training
  • Charging Online Training
  • Recovery Online Training
  • Torch Online Training
  • Heating Online Training
  • Troubleshooting Online Training
  • Tools Online Training


  • Thorough discussion of the equipment with close-up demonstrations of how to use each tool
  • Short practice questions after each video module
  • EPA Certification Exam Preparatory Manual, 7th Ed.
  • $75 Exam Voucher





    with the Hybrid HVAC Course


    Our Hybrid HVAC Course is an innovative combination of on-demand online videos and condensed hands-on training. Created in association with Chris Walters of the Training Center of Air Conditioning and Heating school, the Hybrid HVAC Course combines the convenience of online training with in-depth, hands-on experience. Rather than requiring six months or two years like many trade schools or colleges, our class only takes an average of two weeks of hands on training plus the 11 hours of the online course so you can start work as a registered HVAC tech as soon as possible.




    E-learning component: Complete 11 video sections and online assessments at your own pace.

    • Video modules give you the classroom experience of Chris Walters’ acclaimed school from the comfort of your home computer or device.
    • You get the best seat in the house, with a close-up look at everything happening in the workshop
    • Repeat videos and assessments as often as you like, pause videos wherever you want
    • No fluff--- Super condensed HVAC training gives you everything you need and more!
    • Chris Walters shows you not only what to do and how to do it, but the true inner workings of an HVAC expert’s mind
    • COMING SOON: Multiview!


    Hands-on component: Test your newly gained knowledge using our two-week long intensive workshop.

    • Only 2 weeks long—compare to a traditional 6-month course!
    • Work with electrical meters, PVC tools, torches, power tools, static pressure tools, refrigerant scales and gauges, air flow tools, service valves, vacuum pumps, and etc.
    • Intensive, hands-on, and immersive. Spend less time and leave more experienced.
    • Learn alongside other qualified individuals and face-to-face with Chris Walters himself