Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Training Course

Here at Brown Technical, we’ve teamed up with HVAC expert and technical school director Chris Walters in order to bring you the very best training experience possible. The result? We’ve created a comprehensive online training course you can complete from the comfort of your home. , Learn the necessary skills to install, repair, and diagnose heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and prepare for the EPA Type I, II, and III Exams with our innovative combination of video modules and text-based online lessons. If your goal is HVAC certification or even just a deeper knowledge of the subject matter, our brand new course will get you where you need to go.


  • Thorough discussion of the equipment with close-up demonstrations of how to use each tool
  • Short practice questions after each video module
  • EPA Certification Exam Preparatory Manual, 7th Ed.
  • $75 Exam Voucher 

Don’t just read about it-- from now until March 2018, receive the newly released HVAC Full Online Training Course from Brown Technical discounted at 65%!

"...It truly teaches you everything you need to know to do your job properly and it teaches you foundations that you can actually build up and makes it really easy to get out there and continue learning..."

-Trenton A.

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Want more? Brown Technical is proud to present our Hybrid HVAC Course, also in association with Chris Walters! A combination of online and in-person elements, our hybrid course allows you to complete your competency exam and view workshop modules online at your own pace. Once this section of the course is complete, this package includes an intensive, hands-on, two- week immersion course to put your knowledge into practice. Both courses are discounted 65% until March 2018.


This course contains 99 videos and hands-on footage for subjects such as; Troubleshooting a system, HVAC Tool Box, Refrigeration Cycles, etc.

  1. 14 Weeks of Training Condensed into 11 Hours of Video.
  2. Individual Sections available for your convenience.
  3. You will receive full access to the course for 12 months.
  4. With Chris Walters’s knowledge base right there on your computer, understanding HVAC systems has never been easier!.

Online HVAC Course

  • Best seat in the house.
  • 12 Month Access.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back.
  • Work at your own pace

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Hybrid HVAC Course

  • Numerous Hours of In-class Training
  • Watch the courses, then see demonstrations in Real-time
  • Hands-On Experience with Chris Walter
  • Best of all worlds: from Home and Local Training Center

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More Info on Hybrid HVAC Course

  1. Brown Technical and Chris Walters is also proud to present the hybrid course.
  2. Take the online videos and a complete competency exam to test your HVAC knowledge and provide you with hands one experience.
  3. Do the classroom learning at your own time and pace.
  4. Once mastered and completed, you take an intensive hands-on one week immersion course to put your knowledge into practice.
  5. For more information, email HVAC@browntechnical.org or call us at 1-888-724-2572.


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Online Training Course Learning Modules

HVAC 101- AC Basics Online Training Course        

  • AC Basics - Technicians Getting It Wrong 
  • AC Basics - Secondary Pan
  • AC Basics - Check List Demo
  • AC Basics - House Protection Demo
  • AC Basics - Drain Trap Demo
  • AC Basics - PVC Demo
  • AC Basics - Maintenance Demo
  • AC Basics - Screw Pipe Demo


HVAC 102 - Refrigeration Cycle & Systems Online Training Course        

  • Refrigeration Cycle & Systems
  • Refrigeration Cycle - Receiver / Accumulator
  • Refrigeration Cycle - Driers
  • Refrigeration Cycle - Metering Devices
  • Refrigeration Cycle - Service Valves
  • Refrigeration Cycle - Low Ambient
  • Refrigeration Cycle - Compressor 3x Types
  • Refrigeration Cycle - High/Low-Pressure Safeties

HVAC 103 - Electrical Online Training Course        

  • Electrical
  • Electrical - Capacitor Replacement
  • Electrical - Capacitor Testing
  • Electrical - Transformer Replacement
  • Electrical - Voltage Drop
  • Electrical - Transformer 
  • Electrical - Capacitor Replacement
  • Electrical - T-Stat

HVAC 105 - Air Distribution Online Training Course        

  • Air Distribution
  • Air Distribution - Air Filters Demo
  • Air Distribution - Static Pressure Demos
  • Air Distribution - UV Light Demo
  • Air Distribution - Humidity Health Comfort Demo
  • Air Distribution - AC Install Violations
  • Air Distribution - Load Calculation with and without Windows
  • Air Distribution - Ductulator

HVAC 107 - Motors Online Training Course        

  • Motors
  • Motors - Hard Start Install
  • Motors - Burn Outs Demo
  • Motors - Universal Blower Motor
  • Motors - Fan Blade Puller
  • Motors - Condensor Fan Demo
  • Motors - Compressor Performance 

HVAC 109 - Torch Online Training Course        

  • Torch 
  • Torch - Heat Protection
  • Torch - Nitrogen Flush
  • Torch - Flare-Swag

HVAC 110 - Tools Online Training Course        

  • Tools - Electrical Meters
  • Tools - Torches and Accessories
  • Tools - Air Flow Tool
  • Tools - Maintenance
  • Tools - Power Tools
  • Tools - Sevice Valve
  • Tools - Leak Detection
  • Tools - Static Pressure Tools
  • Tools - Copper Working
  • Tools - PVC Tools
  • Tools - Refrigerant Scales
  • Tools - Recovery Devices
  • Tools - Basic Bag
  • Tools - Refrigerant Gauges
  • Tools - Vacuum Pump
  • Tools - Temperature Instruments
  • Tools - Furnace Testing Tools
  • Tools - Motor Testing Tools
  • Tools - Fan Blade Hub Pullers
  • Tools - Duct Working Tools

HVAC 114 - Heating Online Training Course        

  • Heating
  • Heating - Flue Pipe Roof Demo
  • Heating - Gas Furnace
  • Heating - Roof Pitch Demo
  • Heating - Flue Pipe-Roof Pitch Combo
  • Heating - Electrical Heat
  • Heating - Heat Pump Demo

HVAC 115 - Troubleshooting Online Training Course        

  • Trouble Shooting Heavy Load
  • Troubleshooting - Low Flow
  • Troubleshooting - Restricted Drier
  • Troubleshooting - Over Charge
  • Troubleshooting - Low Charge
  • Troubleshooting - Dirty Condensor
  • Troubleshooting - Non-Condensables / Mixed-Charge
  • Troubleshooting - Diagnostics First Steps 

HVAC 116A - Recovery Online Training Course        

  • Charging
  • Charging - 422 B Charging Alternative
  • Charging - R-22 Charging
  • Charging - Non-Condensables Mixed Charge Demo
  • Charging - Super Heat Demo
  • Charging - Over Charge / Under Charge-410
  • Charging - Long Line-Set Demo
  • Charging - Analog vs. Digital Gauges
  • Charging - Total Heat Demo
  • Charging - Oils & Refrigerants Demo

HVAC 116B - Recovery Online Training Course        

  • Recovery - EPA
  • Recovery - Locking Cap 
  • Recovery - Core Removal
  • Recovery - Vacuum Core
  • Recovery - Leak Detection Sealant 
  • Recovery - Leak Detection Die
  • Recovery - Leak Detection Electrical
  • Recovery - Leak Detection Soap


chris walters

 About Chris Walters

  • Chris Walters is the school director and instructor with over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry and a Class “A” Air Conditioning license in the State of Texas with refrigeration and process heating and cooling endorsements. He designed the training center and program to replicate actual conditions. Over the years of hiring technicians that were “trained”, he realized they had not received the type of training that could put them to work. Mr. Walters designed a unique program that will teach each part of the program separately with visual and hands on effort. Students who pass the final exam will have completed their first installation and will be ready to go to work.
  • Now, with the help of combination of Brown Technical and Chris Walters, learning HVAC online is easier then ever!